Welcome to our web sight and our national house - restaurant Devetka. We are situated in the very heart of Park Forest Kosutnjak - 25, Kneza Viseslava Street, in the sea of verdure or snow whiteness. Looking as a forest castle our house offers four ways of hospitality in three levels and all that in the highest quality. We have national cuisine - meat and vegetables roasted in iron or clay pans, home made round bread backed in clay pan, old ethnic and monastery meals, grills, stakes and medallions - and international - all world famous specialties. The huge food offer is followed by the best foreign and domestic wines. Our guests will be welcomed by a hostess and helped by our highly educated chef and waiters in food and drink selection. The old town music is in the background of all this. Restaurant spaces are climate, sounded and lightened with adjustable volume according to the moment needs. We have restaurant hall up to 110 seats, terrace with 250 seats, fireplace room with 35 seats and hall for ceremonies (cocktails, presentations, meetings, weddings, and birthdays) up to 200 seats. Guarded parking for 100 cars as well as parking for the buses. Working hour is from 9 a.m. till 11 p.m. and even longer. We can offer our service out of the restaurant.

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